Corrosion Monitoring Services India

A knowledge based company active in the field of Corrosion Monitoring systems and services. We are the team of professional engineers having sound experience in Corrosion monitoring instrumentation. The average experience of our team member is 15 years in corrosion monitoring services. The company has is sound knowledge base in corrosion, erosion and materials degradation processes mechanisms. We apply our knowledge, skills and experience to provide the suitable corrosion monitoring solutions and systems that will optimize the safety, integrity and life of our clients' assets.
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Online Retrieval of Corrosion probes and coupons

The company provides ‘On-Line Retrieval services’, for the retrieval of Corrosion probes & corrosion coupons. The probe or Coupon is retrieved while the pipeline is under pressurized running service. We use our own certified tools to retrieve these components from the pipeline. Read more »

Retrieval Tool Operational Training Services

We provide the class - room type training services to corrosion engineers with Power-point presentations that covers most of the important topics related to Corrosion Monitoring systems Read more »

Retrieval Tool Operational Training Services

The company provides the training services to the third part engineers for On-line retrieval services.
For this kind of training, the trainee engineer requires good understanding of the subject and knowhow of the field conditions. Read more »

Hot Tapping Services

We provide turnkey hot tapping services for the installation of Corrosion probe Or Corrosion coupons on running line. We have our own team of expert technicians and our own tools and cutters. The welders are certified and qualified with various WPS /PQR norms. Read more »

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